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Your therapeutic journey begins here! Hi! I'm Kaelynn, an EMDR Certified therapist, and I believe in helping individuals come to terms with their lives and then change them. You can see results after 1-3 sessions with EMDR Therapy.

Start the road to healing and recovery here. Working with all types of people including youth, adults, and children. Experience the change of life that comes from freeing yourself from your past.


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A new therapy that involves eye movement to stimulate both sides of the brain. This technique is great for those with deep set traumas who need help getting over them.

We go on a journey to the start of the emotional pain, clearing out the gunk and letting you heal of those difficult emotions. Discover the peace that can come from EMDR therapy.

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Introducing DBT, a transformative therapeutic approach that combines cognitive behavioral techniques with mindfulness practices.

This method is particularly effective for individuals dealing with intense emotional struggles and aims to provide them with valuable coping skills. DBT offers a path toward self-discovery and healing.

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CBT engages cognition to address various issues. This method is valuable for those with entrenched traumas who seek recovery support.

We embark on a path toward the core of emotional distress, eliminating obstacles and fostering healing from challenging emotions. Uncover the serenity that arises from CBT therapy.